Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Saturday, 13 February 2010

lime splice and new excitement

creeps into room and says... tadah!
Haven't been here in such a long time.
Dum dee dum.
Hums a song and fluffs down some of the spider webs that have built up here in my absence.
Why am I writing?
Because I am about to start a new quilt.
So new that I am busting...
This years Mystery will be an owl themed quilt. Oh goodness.. I am so excited!

Here is last years.

Lime Splice.
It had quails and pigeon pairs. So doing another bird quilt isn't really so revolutionary. But I have drawn those birds since I was a kid. Owls are new for me.

Before I worked out the layout for the quilt. All the piecing and the fabric quantities but I had the empty panels waiting for me to design the applique. I have spent some time doodling and getting no where fast, until 30 minutes ago when I very quickly figured the layout for 4 of the 5 and I am terribly chuffed. Long way to go yet!
Must dash.. have some drawing to do!

P.S We have room for one or two more people in the class for $20 per month or join the mail order list for $12 per month.

Friday, 23 May 2008


Hello from the not often posting me!
May! hey?!
How time flies!
May means... you have to run in and grab a copy of Quilters' Companion! yes it is out and yes my pattern is in it!
There is also a Hobbysew page!

My quilt Something Old, Something New is finished to top stage. Can I just say, it is a pretty quilt!
The last bit of the sewing was done at Narooma while the kids and I weer staying with my parents.
My concentration span was zip and my back was killing me so I was stop start all week. And the sewing machine was on the first floor so I trekked up and down those stairs a lot that week. Net result was that by the end of an eating week in my diet, I still managed to lose a kilo. Total of kilos lost to date is 13. Not bad. More to go!
Anyway... as always there was mind changing in the colours with the quilt and finally I ended up with a much stronger red based quilt than I planned... this was to be the soft no accent pretty girly spring quilt.
I just cant do it.. it turns out. It isn't red red.. but very rusty brown red... but no escaping that the favourite colour crept in when it wasn't even supposed to be present.

Thursday, 27 March 2008

The project is coming to a close....

Something Old, Something new is nearly there!
I have the drawing.. and the maths... and the applique done.. so I am hoping to really make some definitive, finishing action to it!
Here is the JPG of the drawing I am working from. Not the best form to show you in but the computers are having a file war.... sigh. Macs and PCs should learn to get along!
I am making the two borders of solid fabric a bit wider. For two reasons. To make the quilt a bit wider and because it is blue and I want more blue!

Friday, 7 March 2008


Meanwhile.. grab a copy of Down Under Quilts!!! It has a picture of my show quilt! hooray!
Photos to come

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Quilters Companion

I talked to Clare at CQ and the issue that I will be in will be the May issue!
I am not used to the magazines paying in advance! Well done Quilter's Companion!

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Mystery Medallion

Anyone read Quilters Companion lately?
I might be in it. They sent me cheque, so I am thinking I must be but I haven't seen anything yet.
Let me know if you see anything!